Der 2. Workshop in der neuen FilmFabrique!
Am 27.-29. März 2015.

Outline and objectives:
One of the main instruments of filmmaking is the selection of frames. It is impossible to elaborate and present a subject without choosing frames. The desired nature and strength of the power of the image and its influence within the film as a whole defines the filmmaker’s choice of his frames. Frames are the basic units to construct a film and the efforts made in choosing the frames determine to a large extent the strength of the film as a whole. At the same time, frames are a mechanism to shed light and shadow on certain aspects and not only that which is inside the frame but also that which is outside plays an instrumental role in the game of exclusion and inclusion, of highlighting and concealing and of playing with the conscious and subconscious minds and the emotions of the audience.

The workshop has the objective to make the participants aware of these issues and to
sharpen their skills of working with frames.

Freitag von 15:00-20:00 Uhr, Sa und So 12:00-18:00 Uhr. Preis: 50€.
Eigene Kamera bitte mitbringen, wenn vorhanden.

Anmeldung bis zum 20.3. an lukas (at)
Teilnehmerzahl begrenzt auf 15 Personen.

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